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Eric Burgel – Co-Founder
CEO, Blockchain expert

Eric is, as a technophile, the spiritual leader of the team. He is in charge of the business intelligence, enlargement of the network and creation of new partnerships. His goal is to discover new opportunities for the company development.
His knowledge of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, programmation and his love for games are valuable for ensuring the long term vision of the company.
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Maxence Burgel – Co-Founder
Art director, Concept Artist

Maxence is designing all the artworks of Beyond The Void. He has conceived the whole galaxy of the game, has drawn the various warships, has created the several captains and their motherships.
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Rémi Burgel – Co-Founder
Blockchain expert

Rémi has developed the Ethereum smart contracts, which are the founding principles of our game economy.
He is also the one who has a complete overview of an ICO project, from conception to delivery.
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Manon Burgel – Co-Founder
Marketing & Communication, Blockchain community manager

Manon is working with Camille on the marketing strategy. Their objective is to develop the company’s projects according to the vision of the company and to the needs of the technological and gaming markets.
Manon is taking care of the blockchain community. She is active on all of the forum threads, social media, ads, articles, and scheduled events to meet and keep informed the backers. She is also helping to develop partnerships.


Camille Charteau
Marketing & Communication, Player community manager

Camille and Manon are working on the marketing strategy as a duo. Their objective is to develop the company’s projects according to the vision of the company and to the needs of the technological and gaming markets.
Camille is focus on the players community. She organizes tournaments, meets players on gaming festivals, collect players’ feedbacks, keep them informed about the game developments and project news on social media.


François Guezengar
Research and Innovation manager
Ethereum Dapp Developer

François is in relation with laboratories, incubators, companies and cluster in the video game industry. He builds partnerships to develop new technologies. Then the objective is to implement them in video games to create new in-game behaviors and opportunities for players.
He is also the one who has developped Beyond the void online shop, a decentralized app on Ethereum.


Corentin Polette
Graphic designer

Corentin creates visual solutions for all communication and marketing supports. He take care about the logo, illustration, animation, interactive media, data visualisation, … He is also helping on the UI/UX of Beyond The Void and websites.


Corentin Seccia

Corentin is developing the shop with François to allow players and backers to buy, sell and trade assets on the platform.


Jonathan Delétoile

Jonathan is in charge of the development of the game. He implements all the artworks and mechanics inside the code of the game.


Thomas Plessis
Developer Blockchain

Thomas is working on smart contracts optimization.


They are working with us:

Beside the permanent team members, we are working with some freelance workers to realize specific missions.

Wil – Game Designer

Rolfe Dlugy-Hegwer – Marketing content, Writer, Editor

Maxime Catella, Clément Aseglio – Video maker, Motion design

Dave Soltura – Voice actor

Fabien Blémet & Matthieu Broutin – Music composers

Rémi Weisroc – Sound Designer

Laurie Garel, Prosper Tipaldi & Helder Almeida  – Illustrator

Romeo Boury – 3D Artist

Alexander Gubarev & Zot Malakhov – Russian localization team: translations, video content, Russia’s community management

* Credits to Jenny Wymyslowski for B2Expand team portraits

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